Security audits
for zero-knowledge

Have you heard of zero-knowledge applications?
No, what are they?
They're a new way of computing that allows you to delegate computations and verify their results using cryptography.
What about the "zero-knowledge" though?
The computation, or the program, that's delegated can take "private" arguments or inputs. The solution of a sudoku puzzle, for example. These inputs can be kept secret from others. Hence the zero-knowledge.
That's interesting, but what about the security risks?
That's where zkSecurity comes in! Our goal is to ensure that the transition to a zero-knowledge world comes with minimal issues. We produce tooling, best practices, and audit zero-knowledge systems and applications. That's what we do!

Have confidence in your stack

Audits are point-in-time assessments of a protocol or an implementation. They allow projects and companies to get more assurance that their offerings provide a baseline of security. As part of our work we provide audits of zero-knowledge proof systems, their applications, and the protocols that make use of them (for example, secure multi-party computation protocols).

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Contributing to the ecosystem

As we're in the front of this nascent field, we must keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest schemes and protocols. As part of this work we freely publish what we learn as open source projects.

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Do it yourself

As part of our work, we also conduct research in the latest techniques and ways to find vulnerabilities in zk applications.

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